Friday, June 15, 2007

Business Owners Who Are Called to Active Duty by Military Reserve or National Guard Face Unique Situations

America’s small business owners who are called to active duty by a military reserve or National Guard unit face unique situations…..SCORE can help!


Our recent celebration of Memorial Day reminds us of the sacrifices that our military forces have endured and continue to endure to protect our cherished freedoms. Many of those who are deployed are small business owners who simply lose their business in their absence while serving our country. Some of the issues that these deployed business owner’s face are detailed in two recent Business Week articles which can be viewed at The articles are entitled “The War’s Toll on Reservists – Entrepreneurs” dated 1/30/07 and “The War Back Home” dated Spring 2007. Go to the web site and type the article title into the search box and you will be able to view the articles.

SCORE chapters throughout California are alert to the issue and are anxious to do their part by offering no-charge business counseling to the military personnel. In 2004 Orange County SCORE recognized this problem and successfully organized SCORE chapters throughout California to reach out to these deploying military personnel. This program was implemented through the California National Guard web site at To view the program, go to the site click on “Guard and Soldier Resources”. Then click on “SCORE…”, and you will go to a web page that informs the soldier of the services offered. By clicking on “Schedule an Initial Call” the soldier can select a convenient SCORE chapter with which to work. The soldier fills out a short form which is emailed to the selected SCORE chapter. The soldier will then be contacted within forty eight hours. Subsequent no-charge counseling and mentoring can be conducted by email, telephone, or face to face.

Since inception this program has served over 50 California Guardspersons and Reservists. Unfortunately the program is under utilized principally because of lack of awareness. That’s where you come in. If you know of a Reservist or Guard small business owner who is facing or is in the midst of deployment, please let them know that SCORE help is available. Give them the above information and we will be sure that they get the special care that they deserve. Thank you for your help.

This article was written by Bill Morland, SCORE Orange County Chairman