Monday, May 12, 2008

Introducing the SCORE O.C. Internet Marketing Blog

online SCORE Orange County has just launched a blog focused on how small businesses can best utilize the internet to gain customers and increase customer satisfaction. New posts will be added approximately 6-10 times per month on topics such as search engine optimization, email marketing, ecommerce, social networking, blogs, analyzing your site’s performance, etc. During the first month, new blog posts will mostly address the subject of planning your website but, we will mix things up to keep it interesting. Please be assured that our blog posts will be targeted at the small business entrepreneur - not to the technical professional audience. Please visit the blog at or just go to our website at and select “internet marketing blog” from the navigation links on the left side of our website pages.

Our new blog is a result of the significant interest we have received by our clients for more help with how they can best leverage the potential of the internet to improve their business performance. This demand is coming from both owners of existing businesses as well as those entrepreneurs that are in the process of launching their business venture. This blog will not be an online course nor will it substitute for our internet marketing workshop. Rather it is intended to be an easy to read format for receiving “bit sized” pieces of information on this subject that will augment what you learn in our seminars or via counseling.

If you want to be notified automatically when we add a new post to our blog, on the right side of the blog you will see where you can subscribe via email or “in an RSS reader” (for those of you that are not yet familiar with “RSS readers”, that will be covered in an upcoming blog article). If you subscribe via the email box, you will receive one email on any day that we post a new article(s) with a subject line of “Internet Marketing by SCORE O.C.”

Coming Soon.

The small group of SCORE O.C. counselors that have been assisting our clients with their internet marketing are receiving more requests for help than we are currently able to meet in a timely matter so we will be adding some new services in the “not too distant future.” In the coming months look for announcements of a “hands-on” sessions that we will hold for small groups of business owners that currently have website which could benefit from a “tune-up.” And, we will be creating a new directory of helpful information and tools that are available on the internet. Stay tuned…