Sunday, July 13, 2008

Third Party Enhancements for QuickBooks – Definitely Check Them Out!

score_tjpg_Ginnaty This article was written by Dick Ginnaty, CPA

QuickBooks cannot be everything for all businesses. Even they recognize this. For over ten years they have provided information on their web site ( about independent providers of add-on programs that do things QuickBooks doesn’t do. Usually, these programs fit niche markets (not necessarily small niches however) that QuickBooks doesn’t serve or doesn’t serve with the features needed by the businesses in that niche. Both new and seasoned QuickBooks users should check out the third party providers serving their business. Dealer Management, Property Maintenance, Real Estate Brokerage, Commission Calculations/Tracking, Retail Management, Child Care, Law Practice and Church Management are just examples of the types of software offered.

To find the third party software on the QuickBooks web site, click the Community tab (Home page, left column), then click Compatible Software (left column) and then click All Solutions By Industry (scroll to bottom of page).

Don’t forget to periodically re-visit this site, as new software is being added periodically. Just recently, software that facilitates paperless (less paper but not “no paper”) operations has been added as new category.

Good luck and here’s hoping it “all adds up” for you.

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