Saturday, October 18, 2008

Don’t Waste Time Writing Press Releases

This article was written by Nick Leighton, SCORE Client.

Seem a little strange for a PR professional to be telling you not to write a press release? Well, that’s not how a small business is going to get outstanding publicity. There is a better way and it’s not high cost. Follow the steps below and you will have the best ROI of all your marketing.


You need to find the right media to attract. The more precise and accurate your understanding of the media - the better.

Thanks to the Internet you can find these media simply. Next you need to:

1 – Find the right person at that media outlet that you should be talking to.

2 – Understand the media. If it is a magazine, then get a copy and read it; if it is a radio show, then tune in.

Try with a small list of 5 media to start with. You can always broaden your list later on. With only 5 media on your key target list you don’t need press releases.


Next we need to build what we are going to say to them. The rule is simple – it is not your product or service that is going to sell you but the benefits that you offer your customers.

Fill in the blanks:

I work for ………. (define client base) who struggle with ……… (client problem) and would like to ……… (our benefit). What separates us from ………. (the competition) is that we ……….. (offer/USP) and as a result our clients get …………. (benefit of our services).


Now to produce the tools needed – which are not press releases. You need three things:

1 – A professional photograph of yourself and your product or service in digital format. Note ‘professional’. Spend $400 on a professional and I guarantee it will have a multiple return on investment.

2 – Paragraphs – who you are and what you do, what you used to do and something outside of work that adds interest.

3 – An overview of your business – in simple English. No jargon, no acronyms – just a half page on your company and what you offer your customers.

About the author:

Nick Leighton is the founder and CEO of NettResults Public Relations -