Saturday, December 13, 2008

QuickBooks 2009; Some Interesting Additions, and Improvements

score_tjpg_Ginnaty This article was written by Dick Ginnaty, CPA

QuickBooks 2009 is out and in the stores, and contains some clear enhancements from 2008. Most of the improvements/additions have to do with the Web, such as accessing “Live Community” (effectively, an on-line chat room for QuickBook users), creating a professional website, and communicating to others (your accountant, vendors, customers) through what they are calling “QB Messenger”.

Other operational enhancements include tracking international sales and expenses in multiple currencies (a big enhancement in this ever shrinking world), and the ability to download invoices and estimates created through Adobe’s software PDF form templates (just Google: Adobe Inc.)

The enhancements in QuickBooks 2009 version brings up the question of how often should you update your QuickBooks. The answer is every two years at least. The reason for the two year maximum between updates is simply that Intuit, the company that produces QuickBooks, does not support versions older than two years. Obviously, you should check out the changes in each version and make the economic decision if the enhancements are worth the update cost.

Well that’s it for 2008, I hope you and yours the very best for this holiday season, and prosperity and health for the new year.

Good luck and here’s hoping it “all adds up” for you.

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