Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Practicing What We Counsel

score_tjpg_mcculloch This article was written by Ben McCulloch, Chairman, SCORE Orange County

Happy New Year! Finally! Let’s kick it off with a rundown of the new things you’re going to see from us this year. Our value proposition to you hasn’t changed: we’re still your network of business knowledge and experience. But, like you, the downturn has made us take a hard look at what our customers – you – need, and the mix of products and services we offer.

And what we found boils down to relevance and accessibility: that our services are aligned with the current economic context, and that we’re available on your terms. Here’s some of our 2009 line-up:

  • ‘Saturday Counseling Fair’. If your business needs you during the week, then meeting us in Santa Ana at 10 o’clock on Tuesday isn’t an option. So, we’re holding counseling ‘fairs’ on Saturdays, where several counselors are available for individual one-hour sessions. We’re holding one a month for now, rotating the locations around the county. And, they’re ‘self-serve’: you choose the counselor and time slot you want, and schedule yourself. Here’s a tip: when you get the next announcement (February), be sure to ‘click-through’ right away. They fill up quickly.
  • ‘Surviving the Downturn’ Workshops. Over the holidays, our team was busy researching and assembling a workshop focusing on the current challenges to business owners. So, on January 31, we’re hosting our first panel discussion between you and seven experts who span the range of business functions. Bring your questions and concerns; share your experiences and solutions with other business owners. Look for the announcement in your inbox this week.
  • CEO Counseling Groups. You’re a CEO and want to grow and strengthen your peer network? We’re forming small groups of CEOs that will meet monthly to share and to learn. Each group is led by one of our counselors who’s ‘been there’ as CEO. Our first two groups kick-off in February. If you haven’t yet heard from us, and think you might qualify, we hope you will call us to find out more.
  • ‘Speed Counseling’. Would you like to get advice from several business experts in one day? Later this spring, we’ll be hosting a fast-paced day of individual counseling and mini-workshops on several topics. Plus, networking, lunch, and you’ll hear from a nationally-recognized business leader. That’s all for now: stay tuned.

Our 2009 is all about relevance and access. We’re also rolling out new workshop topics, more workshops, and more locations. Be sure to check our website regularly. Watch for our email announcements. Tell us if there’s more you’d like to see.

We’re excited to get this year going – finally – and look forward to seeing you again soon. Together, let’s make it a happy and prosperous New Year!