Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let’s Hear It for Marketing

score_tjpg_mcculloch This article was written by Ben McCulloch, Chairman, SCORE Orange County

I’m sitting in the back of the room during a workshop on ‘Marketing:  How to Find and Keep More Customers’.  If you haven’t seen it (or, if it’s been a while), put the next one on your calendar (here’s the link).  As Tom Patty, our presenter, explains: ‘marketing – like physics – works the same for everyone on the planet’.  Of course that includes you. 

But it also includes us:  we want more customers.  With 100 seasoned counselors, we have the ‘head room’ to grow our service to the OC small business community.  And, if ever there was a need for relevant and affordable (we’re ‘priceless’) business advice, the uncertainty in today’s economic environment is it. 

Back to the workshop … Tom’s now talking about the marketing ‘Big 5’ (target, benefits, value, purchase process, and growth).  Let’s look at just one, the benefits of working with SCORE.  And, especially important in this economy, we offer you: 

  • Convenience-- You’re busy, so we’re expanding your choices for getting the information you need with   more workshops and new workshop locations.  We’ve added Saturday counseling every other month, and are experimenting with online ‘self-serve’ scheduling to give you greater flexibility in getting with the right counselor for you. 
  • Relevance-- We hear your feedback and are adding the workshop topics you want.  More than that, we are re-tooling existing workshops so the strategies and techniques make sense in today’s context.  Our counselors not only cover the full-range of business function and industry … they’ve dealt with serious downturns and can help you navigate the uncertainty.

Tom’s on his last slide, and it’s a big one:  ‘How to Retain Customers’.  For us, it begins with helping you deal with the downturn, so you’ll be positioned to seize opportunity when this cycle ends … and it will.  As far as retaining your customers, schedule an appointment with us … better yet; come to our next marketing workshop.  We look forward to seeing you again!