Saturday, May 16, 2009

Can You Use 4000 Years of Experience?

score_tjpg_woodard This article was written by Carl Woodard, Chairman, SCORE Orange County

We can give you that opportunity!

Hi, I’m Carl Woodard, the new chairman of the Orange County Chapter of SCORE. Our Chapter has over 100 experienced members who have owned, managed or launched successful businesses and have faced opportunities and challenges similar to yours. We easily represent more than 4000 years of real-world business experience and we stand ready to help you. Simply dial 714-550-7369 and tell us what you need, or you can connect with us at

If you have read this newsletter frequently, you know most of the programs which we offer, but I want to list just a few which are popular and growing.

Workshops- Within the year, we conducted 169 workshops on popular business subjects at 16 locations throughout Orange County. Attendance topped 6000. In the current six month schedule alone we will offer 32 workshops on Marketing, 21 on Finance and 11 which teach you how to construct a Business Plan. There are many other topics, as well. Check our website to find a location and topic that you can use.

Face to Face Counseling- Last year we spoke personally with more than 4500 business people about their specific business needs. We can do that for you, also. Appointments can be arranged with a counselor who has experience which you can use. And we are convenient. We can meet you at our primary location in Santa Ana or elsewhere, if it’s more convenient.

Cyber-Counseling-  More than 2600 received counseling from specially trained counselors last year after contacting us via email. If that is more convenient for you, just let us know.

Women in Business breakfasts- Six times each year we have breakfast for 80-100 women in business at the Center Club in Costa Mesa. Programs of interest are presented along with the delicious meal and network opportunities are abundant. While you do not need to be a woman to attend, everyone needs to register in advance at our website. Our next one is Friday, July 10.

Guest Speakers- If your organization needs a speaker to present a business topic of interest, just let us know by calling our number and asking for our Speakers’ Bureau. We respond to many requests throughout the year, and I’m sure we can fill yours.
We hope to see you or hear from you in the near future. As you know, our counseling sessions are totally free of charge. And the workshops are most often free, or carry a nominal fee if not sponsored.

You have 4000 years of experience at your fingertip, waiting to respond as soon as we hear from you. Visit our website or give us a call.