Sunday, August 16, 2009

Should I upgrade my Windows XP to Windows Vista?

This article was written by Dan(Baer) Feinberg, Fein-Line Associates, Inc.

For those still running the venerable but aging Windows XP, here are questions and answers.

• (Q) I am still running XP, should I upgrade to Windows Vista? (A) No, while Vista is now a good operating system, Windows 7 is even better and as it is so close to release I would now wait.

• (Q) When will Windows 7 be available? (A) It will be available with new computers sometime in September or October but any new computer you buy now should include a free upgrade to Windows 7 when it be­comes available. Separate upgrades will be available in October.

• (Q) Is Windows 7 as good as what I hear? (A) Yes, it is. Windows 7 seems to be perhaps the best OS since Windows 98SE and perhaps the best Windows ever. It is speedy, intuitive and it is not bloated which means it will not slow down even an older slightly underpowered computer. There are many additional rea­sons to upgrade, more than can be covered here.

• (Q) Where do I get the upgrade? (A) If you buy a new computer this Summer you will get a coupon for up­grade when it becomes available. Just follow the instructions. If you are planning on upgrading a present Windows XP or Vista machine you will be able to buy an upgrade to W­7 when it becomes available. Right now however there is a great advance order sales going on. See the links below to get the approximately 50% discount and advance order the upgrade.

• (Q) Can I still continue to run Windows XP? (A) Of course but remember XP is an OLD OS and it therefore does not have many of the valuable features found in Vista and Windows 7. It is also less secure and Mi­crosoft will eventually stop supporting it.