Monday, August 17, 2009

Where Others Have Gone Before

This article was written by Carl Woodard, Chairman, SCORE Orange County, California

clip_image002 I just returned from Chicago. Driving through so many large and small cities, seemingly endless fields of crops, beautiful national parks and beside full, rushing rivers. When time allows, driving is now my favorite mode of travel, since I retired. And, I prefer the small rural routes to interstates. But, for everyone who travels this country, we truly appreciate the work of all who came before us to stretch roads across mountains at 12,000 feet, cut highways through miles of solid granite, build bridges across rivers which flow with raw, erosive force and bore tunnels to shorten our way. We can now easily drive from coast to coast in four or five days, if necessary, because of their dedication and experience.

Dedication and experience…. makes the path easier for those who come in the future. Dedicated pioneers pointed the way for all who followed. Today, with so many ways to plan our routes, we have no reason to get lost or delayed….unless we want to.

If you own, or plan to open, a small business of any kind, in any location, you have the ability to call on dedicated, experienced business counselors from SCORE….counselors to America’s small business. Our deep experience in virtually any business discipline can make your road to success faster and easier to climb. The ladies and gentlemen of SCORE can help you develop your business plan, guide your financial planning, build your marketing plan, arrange the layout of a warehouse or teach you smart purchasing methods.

All of our counseling is at no cost to you! In Orange County, our SCORE Chapter has more than one hundred, experienced counselors, representing over 4000 years of business experience just waiting to make your way easier. And our knowledge is real, not simply from a book, but honed from actual marketplace experience. Why not benefit from our experience, rather than cutting a slow, new path through your business wilderness?

To schedule an appointment with a SCORE counselor, simply call 714-550-7369 and tell us what you need. Or, go to and see our workshop schedule for a topic and location near you. Call us or join us. We can make your journey a lot easier.