Monday, October 12, 2009

Handling Phone Calls… From a Customers Observation

This article was written by Barry McKinley, SCORE Orange County Management Counselor

Don’t answer in a hurry, you make it sound like you are doing me a favor by answering your phone ----Don’t forget I am doing you a favor by calling!

Don’t interrupt – you may think you know what I want but let me tell you, your wrong more then ½ the time!

Have knowledgeable people answering the phone—Since I may never come into your business, get the “first team” to talk to me. Many times I don’t buy because of the poor phone treatment.

Have your phone person be able to speak clearly and precisely. When you have somebody answering your phones that sounds bad or uses poor English that may be why they don’t ring!

Please roll play with new employees. Make them feel comfortable and learn about your company before turning them loose on me!

Have everything you need when answering the phone, pricing, pen, paper, etc. I can’t tell you how many times I hear “hold while I get a pen and pad!” When you come back, expect a dial tone!

Don’t put me on hold forever---- If you have to put me on hold and you don’t have music playing come back on every 30 seconds to let me know you are still there.

Don’t say I will call you right back – unless you call me right back! Many times “right back” to you may mean when you get a chance, find the information or remember. If it is going to take sometime, tell me that, “I will call you late today or early tomorrow” –then do it.”

Don’t ask me to call back because so and so is out or you are busy. Politely tell me that my phone call is very important and could you have my name and number to return my call, and then ask when that would be convenient for me.

Please don’t use your industry slang when talking to me. “I have no idea what a “SDW ho” is, and more importantly I don’t care!

Please keep you conversation polite. Make me feel that you are truly happy to serve me and appreciate my call . . . Remember I am your paycheck!