Thursday, February 17, 2011

Orange County SCORE – Hard Work with a Great Payoff

Editor’s Note – Long-time readers of this newsletter will realize that it is not our normal practice to publish “human interest” stories. We prefer to pass along information that can directly benefit our valued clients in the pursuit of their business goals. However, if you have recently retired or sold your business and are now wandering your house driving your spouse nuts, and the idea of really making a difference in the community appeals to you, take a minute to read the follow article written by person who came to a SCORE monthly meeting as a guest, and decided to join our chapter.

This article was written by Janice Salmon, SCORE Orange County Provisional Member

I’ve worked every day of my life from the time when I was sixteen years old until last spring, a total of forty two years. To me that is forever. When your life drives you down this path you become a wealth of knowledge from countless business experiences. If you are like me, you put in years of sixty hour workweeks and build a number of successful companies. Then all of a sudden you have nothing to do! Sound familiar?

Due to the many relationships I’ve built over the years, it took about nine months to really find myself in the position of wandering around wondering what I should do now. I spent time helping friends, catching up on overdue personal tasks and even consulted a few hours here and there, but these things only last so long. Finally I felt that I had to get back into business but those long workweeks did not look as attractive as they did years ago. This is where I was on Thursday morning January 20th at 8:30 a.m. as I parked my car in the National University lot in Costa Mesa. I had been invited to the monthly Chapter meeting of Score 114 of Orange County. A retired business associate of mine joined the Palm Springs Chapter a few years ago and he suggested that I might find it interesting. I had no idea that in less than sixty minutes I was going to feel much different about my future.

The meeting started promptly at 9:00 preceded by pleasant introductions over coffee and breakfast cakes. The printed agenda consisted of 15-20 committee chair briefings. Sound boring? You would think so but each participant spoke with enthusiasm and expertise. It was obvious that each speaker had completed the Toastmaster’s “How to give a Humorous Speech” manual, everyone was an entertainer.

Of the variety of committees I was impressed by the CEO Forum and the Advisory board. Both of these committees were dedicated to assisting existing businesses, either by a forum such as a board or directors or hands-on visits used to locate and solve problems. My friend in Palm Springs was right -- this was just what I was looking for, a place to use my talents to help other people with their business stumbling blocks. This week I begin my orientation at the Santa Ana office with two other new recruits. One of the members said that I was going to experience the “best part of the journey during the next 3 months”. Another pleasant surprise, there are NO DUES.