Monday, October 24, 2011

Mission Impossible: Not Anymore

imageThis article was written by Michelle Rusillo, SCORE Orange County Management Counselor

Having a mission statement can lead a team to improve teamwork, to create a productive work environment, improve profits.

The mission statement

A mission statement is an inspiration clear succinct statement that clarifies the purpose of the business. The mission statement would lead the CEO and their employees to better understand the purpose of the business. The mission statement makes the purpose tangible for all employees to understand. This mission would guide each employee through decision making while interacting with customers/clients and co-workers. This mission would also guide the leaders to make good decisions that benefit employees and most importantly the customers/clients. This mission is the beacon in the night that directs everyone to improve teamwork, create a productive work environment, improve patient compliance and increase profits.

A mission statement is critically important to the foundation for all businesses. The mission statement is equal to a home’s foundation. The foundation keeps the home strong during turbulent times like a mission will do for a business. Unfortunately, leadership does not always have enough exposure to the purpose of a mission statement and never developed one.

The mission incorporates a strong statement to the commitment of services. For example a local veterinary company wanted its clients and their pets to be well taken care of at each and every visit to their hospital. They chose a mission to state “to provide quality compassionate care to the client and their pets”. The mission directs every employee to know what is expected of them to do. There now was no question in employee’s mind what was their purpose when they are working. At any point , when a question of what should I do occurs during an exchange with a client , the employee refers to the mission and follows its sentiment.

Educate you, employees, customers and the community

The mission statement needs to clearly state your business goals and objectives. It should explain what the business is, what special niche and how you will make a difference in the lives of customers and clients. It should tell you what you need to do to thrive and help initiate activities and set priorities for the investment of your limited resources. It should clearly state the goals and values of the organization. In addition, the mission should express the future goals and dreams of the organization.

Once the mission statement is complete start sharing it by posting it everywhere, prominently displayed on the company’s Web site, as part of the social media plan as well as in brochures and other marketing material. The mission statement is an essential leadership tool. It will help align activities to match future goals, create desirable change and focus the workforce towards the company’s vision.

Mission Impossible made possible

Once a mission is written, implemented and communicated, there will be a transformation of employees understanding and performance which will increase revenue too. Having a mission can excite the employees, given direction to the business and clearly identified the value and philosophy of the business. The leadership will know its scope and purpose; now so do all the employees. A mission statement is critical for any business, writing one is not mission impossible. This is not an impossible task but a critical one for leading your business to improved quality and customer service.