Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Women’s Business Owners Conference, Friday, March 23, 2012

In Southern California, women business owners are increasingly becoming more successful. According to the Bloomberg News, private businesses owned by women have grown in numbers and hired more workers than male-owned businesses. The U.S. Department of Commerce notes that women-owned businesses have swelled in the last few years, adding revenue and jobs to the local and national economy.

Donna A. James, Chair of the National Women’s Business Council, states women now account for 35 % of total entrepreneurial activity and closing this gap further will require improving the existing infrastructure for startups, enhancing efforts to nurture innovation, and promoting high growth business models for women. Events such as.the Women Business Owners Conference can help to do this.

SCORE OC is committed to helping women business owners develop the skills to grow their business knowledge and revenues. The Women Business Owners Conference is an ideal venue for networking while discussing the unique challenges and issues related to managing a business in today’s economy. The conference offers female entrepreneurs an opportunity to hear from leading authorities how enterprises can survive and thrive in this economy as well as share new ideas and enhance their leadership capabilities. It will be an excellent opportunity to improve business skills and increase marketing insights.

Well informed speakers will address conference participants, and high-quality leadership and skills-building workshops will help women business owners to learn how to apply newly acquired skills, benefit from available expertise on critical topics for marketing goods and services and discover opportunities to win a competitive advantage. Topics to be covered would include social media, global marketing, and government contracting; among others. Local entrepreneurs will share inspiring success stories.

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