Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are You a Bad Boss?

clip_image002[1]This article was written by Barry Mc Kinley, SCORE Orange County Business Mentor

The key to growing and building your business is hiring good employees, training them properly and giving them direction to help your business develop and prosper. But many business owners skip some of these steps. The most important stage is to train the employee and empower them. Hopefully your management style does not fall into some of these areas;

· Your Staff Is Afraid Of You – when you have instilled fear into your employees you do a number of things that will affect your business. The employees will never make a decision, they will constantly be looking for a new job, and they will never make you aware of any problems.

· You Micromanage – you staff will learn very quickly to allow you to do their job. The only way your business will grow is allowing your staff to grow.

· You Don’t Control Your Own Stress – just like the saying ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’, your employees will end up copying your style. That is the ones that don’t find another job because they are afraid of your temper tantrums. That is also a good way to get sued.

· You Continue To Operate In The Past – the 70’s were great and I loved my bell bottoms, but this is a new era with better ways to do things. If you operate in the past the only employees you will keep will be dinosaurs just like you.

· You Are Unavailable For Staff – when they come to you it is because they don’t understand how to do something. Being unavailable they will never learn and your business will continue to flounder, costing you money!

· You Do Not Support Your Staff With Customers – it is important for you to back your employees when there are customer disagreements. This does not mean when the employee is wrong that you side with them but it is very important that you don’t under mind them in front of a customer. You can always later discuss one-on-one other ways to have handled the situation.

· You Don’t Know Your Staff’s Dreams, Interests and Hobbies – If you show them you are not interested in them as “people” why should they be interested in you or your business. We all want to be appreciated, and respected. As a matter of fact, employees rate both of those ahead of money. So save on your payroll and take more interest.

· You Are Unable To Deliver Tough Messages – this is not the fun part of business but with the rain comes the rainbow. Employees respect Managers who have backbone and will do what is right no matter how hard it may be. Show them the vision.

If you don’t allow yourself to fall into the above categories you will find that your employees will stay longer, your business will grow and you and your customers are much happier.