Thursday, August 29, 2013

What An Employer Looks For

imageThis article was written by Barry Mc Kinley, SCORE Orange County Business Mentor

A good interviewer is going to be looking for qualities in the applicant other than the obvious. They have already reviewed your resume so they know the facts they are now trying to learn about more you. They will be listening to what’s NOT being said, as well as what’s being said. Some of the items that can set you apart from the other applicants would be:

1. Creativity

Are you able to think “Out of the box”? Are you comfortable with the job and responsibilities changing. Are you willing to look at challenges from different perspectives?

2. Confidence

Do you relax in the interview? Are you able to project self-assurance to the interviewer?

Are you able to handle slowdowns in the conversation during the interview without showing nervousness?

3. Standards

All people are shaped and guided by their values. This becomes the core of our personality and being. Are your principles to get the job done at any cost or are good communications more important? Are you more motivated by quantity or quality? Will you be willing to accept the job being done 80% of the way?

4. Persistence and Follow-Through

These are skills (“backbone”) that help you complete jobs particularly when the going gets rough. The employer does not want to hire staff that will give up as soon as obstacles are placed in their way. They will be looking for accomplishments in your life that express your toughness.

5. Integrity

Are you willing to be responsible for your actions both when they are positive as well as negative. Are you quick to blame or point the finger away from yourself? Does your life show that you accept responsibility?

6. Clarity of Communications

Just because you believe that you spoke clearly and precisely does not mean that the listener received it that way. Top notch communication means accepting responsibility for the other person’s listening.

7. Passion

The interviewer will be listening to what you are passionate about. They will try to figure out what motivates you and if your passions will fit with their needs. They will want to insure that you have a thirst for life.

8. Personal Opinions and Views

The employer is seeking what you embrace or your philosophy of life. Do you see the glass half empty or help full. Are you more of a negative person always expecting something bad to happen? Do you blow up the smallest difficulty into a major issue?

9. Genuine

The interviewer is interested in the fact that you are acting like yourself or if you are putting on a front. They are striving to determine if you are comfortable with yourself and not trying to be something you are not.