Thursday, April 3, 2014

How To Create Your Elevator Pitch

image This article was written by Barry McKinley, SCORE Orange County Business Mentor

As a business owner or manger it is critical that you are able to tell potential clients about your company without putting them to sleep. The name “Elevator Pitch” came from the idea that in a short elevator ride you could tell and excite a potential investor about your company.

The elevator pitch is a conversation or ice breaker that will hopefully lead into a deeper discussion about the functionality and specialty of what your company can offer. The presentation should typically last 60 seconds or less and leave a stimulating and impactful impression. Done properly the listener will begin to ask questions where you can then support your “elevator pitch” with more in-depth information.

Following are some guidelines to help you write a memorable brief sales presentation that will leave a lasting imprint.

· Define Who You Are

“I am an accountant that specializes in small business.”

· Describe What You Do

“I understand the accounting and tax problems that face small businesses.”

· Identify You Ideal Client

“My ideal clients are busy and driven to grow their business and understand it is best to leave the accounting to experts.”

· Explain What Is Unique and Different About Your Business

“Being a small business myself I understand the unique obstacles that face small

businesses and have developed formulas to overcome those challenges.”

· State What You Want To Happen Next

“I would love to schedule a time to talk more about some of your challenges and help you to come up with solutions which reflect increased deductions and substantial tax savings.”

· Create a Attention Getting Hook

“Have you ever felt held back by lack of time and wished you could clone yourself so you could get everything done?”

· Put It All Together

“I am sure you will agree that I could free up your time to make your business far more productive while at the same time saving you money and insuring your accounting and tax challenges are met.”

Think of your “Elevator Pitch” as the Google Map, each time you click you get a more detailed picture. Too much information at the start will turn off the listener. All they need to know is the product comes in multi-colors -- not the names of the colors--which would be boring and a waste of time.

This presentation should be delivered with excitement and enthusiasm even though it may be the 20th time today. Remember it is the first time the listener has heard it.

To deliver and effective “pitch” that flows well you need to first write it out and then practice until you can say it in your sleep.